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ALI in East Africa


Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa Foundation Limited is a non-profit organization founded on 18th June 2006 at the Africa House Hotel in Zanzibar at the conclusion of the first reunion of ALI East Africa class of 2002.  It was registered in Dar es Salaam Tanzania on 28th March 2007 with Certificate of Incorporation No. 59684.

This historic decision came about following the need felt by he fellows to launch and roll out new ALI classes in East Africa by owning the process locally and driving for sustainability.  The fellows also recognized the need to build on the foreign support which was necessary in getting ALI-EA F started, into a partnership that benefits both sides and keeps the fellows actively interested and involved in the fellowship.

Creating the next generation of African leaders who are values-driven, effective and enlightened

Supporting the emergence of the next generation of African Leaders in business, politics and civil society who are effective, values-driven and enlightened through knowledge.

Major Objectives

  • To build capacity to fund the rolling out of successive ALI Fellowship classes in East Africa.
  • To engage the energy and the talent of the young emerging leaders in East Africa in order to release their potential to build a good society for all people.

From 2008-2015, the ALI –EA Foundation Limited aims to identify, strengthen and motivate 180 East Africa ALI fellows, with 60 each coming from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

The launch of ALI set the pace for a new and passionate search for leadership in East Africa, not just personal leadership and success, but enlightened and values based leaders working toward creating the “good society.”  ALI challenged the inaugural class to move from their comfort zones, to move from success to significance, and to lead the quest for transformational leadership.

ALI/East Africa Fellows join some 600 Fellows in 35 countries (and growing) as members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN). Members of the AGLN have participated in a values-based leadership program modeled on the Henry Crown Fellowship program and are all committed to addressing the foremost challenges of their communities and times.  The AGLN ensures Fellows remain active and connected with additional seminars and gatherings; a searchable database of Fellows around the world; a magazine that will highlight the values of the program in action; and an on-line community geared to discussions on the global challenges of our time and how Fellows around the world might work together to address those challenges.

Phase Two Expansion

With Phase One complete, the Steering Committee of ALI has decided to expand the Initiative and has set itself a goal of graduating five classes of Fellows in each of three locations -- drawing together 360 politically, ethnically and gender-diverse young leaders from ten countries -- over the next ten years.

To improve cost-effectiveness, class size will be enlarged to 24. To improve impact, the time to graduation will be shortened to 24 months. In addition, to institutionalize ALI/East Africa a Foundation has been registered as a not-for-profit in Tanzania.

In addition local moderators are being trained to create sustainability of the program and to reduce future costs.


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