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One of the principal purposes of ALI-EA Foundation is to raise funds for the ALI project.  Based on the current seminar design, the minimum cost for one fellow to go through all four seminars is USD 17,200, meaning that a class of 20 would cost no less than $344000 over a period of two years.  This includes the cost of running the foundation. Therefore, the Foundation needs to raise at least USD 172,000 every year. Since its establishment, the Foundation has managed to raise a Total of USD 112,000.00 from the following sources:

ALI-EA F Fundraising Results May 2007

No Individual/Organization Amount Contributed
1 Infotech Investment Group LTD (CGI ’05 Commitment)          $30,000
2 Infotech Investment Group LTD (2007 pledge)   $10,000
3 Tim and Bernie Marquez $ 20,000
3 ALI-EA Fellows Class of 2002 $12,000
4 Tom Perkins/Technoserve Inc $25,000
5 Peter Flaherty of NYC, USA $5,000
6 Arjun Gupta of San Francisco, USA $10,000
7 Industrial Development Corporation of S/Africa (IDC) $36,236
8 Total $148,236


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